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The proven streamlined search and locate tool for law enforcement agents

Originally created for law enforcement, the search and locate technology in TLOxp® and advanced linking algorithms deliver actionable data through a user-friendly interface in a matter of seconds. Begin investigations with broad parameters. Then dig deeper into leads you’ve identified. This TransUnion solution delivers instant access to reliable and pertinent data about people, businesses, assets and locations.

Over 90% of investigators from a TransUnion survey agree or strongly agree that TLOxp makes their jobs easier.

Our advanced locating technology helps law enforcement officers replace otherwise time-consuming legwork with point-and-click ease. You’ll get closer to locating suspects and important witnesses, verify identities, and link connections faster.

With TLOxp you can:
  • Quickly search and locate hard-to-find individuals

  • Link relationships with relatives, acquaintances and business associates

  • Find likely locations by linking subjects with License Plate Recognition data

  • Generate new leads to help close cases quickly and confidently

  • Access TLOxp online from almost any Internet-connected device in the field

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